Every submission sent to Monkeybicycle is read by a human being. But because there are few of us, this can take some time. We are getting better, but please, still give us twelve weeks to get back to you. Something else that will shorten our response times is the strict adherence to the following guidelines. In fact, if these guidelines are not followed, we will probably skip over your submissions completely.

Topics: We love all kinds of things. Whatever you feel like sending to us, we'll gladly look it over, regardless of the subject matter.

Response times: We try to respond in within sixteen weeks. If you have not heard back from us within that time, send us a follow-up email and we will get right on it and make up excuses for not having done so yet. 
(Please note: we are running a bit behind right now, but will catch up shortly)

Payment: Right now, there is none. Not even for us.

Please, whichever area of Monkeybicycle you decide to submit something to, send only one piece at a time. This will ensure that we get back to you as quickly as possible.

What will also aid in a quick response is if you attach your submission as a Microsoft Word file and include the following:

Title of piece
Email Address
Twitter handle (if you have one)

Thank you.
We are open to all genres, as long as there is a strong story and a great narrative. If you have experimental work you'd like to send, we'll definitely consider that as well. Please keep all submissions at 2000 words or less.
This category is pretty self-explanatory. We publish these on the Web site every Wednesday. If you'd like to send one to us, you can do so here. One at a time, please.